Traditional parking systems will not fulfil tomorrow’s needs.


The rise of the e-bike made us reconsider how we should park bicycles:


How we can improve the parking method to protect them from damages when parked.


How we can improve the safety of bicycles; the average value of a bike has increased dramatically, which makes it more vulnerable for theft.


How we can make charging effortless, today we might use cables, tomorrow we will charge wireless.


 But also considering the aesthetics, we should care how future parking systems look as they are right in front of our homes, in our cities and our parks.


At Bike.Box we combine innovation and Dutch d­esign to create parking solutions for the next generation bicylcles and cargobikes, that will stimulate the use and contribute to modern city architecture. 

The smart pedal.clip parking system parks the bike at the pedal to avoid front wheel damages and can now park any type of bikes regardless of wheelsize and is the best parking solution for Ebikes, Sports bikes and all others.  They can be customized with colors and stickers. Each Pedalclip can be fitted with a 220v charging point but also wireless charging can be build in.

 The bike.box V2 bicycle locker is a beautiful designed modular box system with green rooftopping.

The mobility.hub is designed to fit on a carpark spot. It can park 2 cargo.bikes and 2 full size bicycles on just 8m2 . It can also function as a shared cargo.bike hub but also as last mile delivery.hub. Finished with customizable 100% recycled plastic doors.

Automated systems can park a lot of bikes with the highest level of safety on a very small footprint, above ground, underground or fully integrated in new buildings. The bike.tower can also operate as a mobility.hub including ground floor retail space.