In the Netherlands, there are now 25 million bicycles, 4 million of which are E-bikes.

Parking is becoming much more than just a bike in a rack; future bicycle parking requires more safety, storing of helmets, raincoats and bags but also the option to recharge the battery. Efficient use of the limited urban space for bicycle parking is becoming a priority worldwide.

In addition, parking with the front wheel in a rack no longer suits mo- dern and expensive bicycles; it can cause damage to the front wheels. E-bikes, with their heavy rear ends, are not suitable for these front wheel parking systems. (mtb) bikes with wider tyres will not fit and sports bikes with their slim tyres and carbon wheels are very vulnerable.


That is why we are re-inventing bicycle parking.


Bike.box was founded in The Netherlands in 2017 and specializes in innovative and design driven solutions for bicycle parking.

 Bike.box offers a complete range from a fully automated Bike.tower and the underground Bike.tunnel to the smart Pedal.clip system. 

Park and pay with our Bike.box APP; a secure payment and subscription service that can be used as commercial franchise as well as for non-profit municipals or businesses. 

 Combining design and innovation to create future proof products that blends in modern city architecture.


*All products and innovations are protected by international Patent law. 


bike.box founder