The rise of the E-bike has brought a big change in the need for bicycle parking. These new generation bikes are much more expensive and require secure storage for theft, as well as for possible damage. In addition, the need for helmet and bag storage is also growing rapidly. However, urban space is very limited and therefore requires space-saving innovative solutions.

But also the recreational cyclist on a mountain bike, gravel bike or touring bike wants to be able to park his precious bike on location damage-free, safely and perhaps recharge it during a cup of coffee on the route.

In short, existing solutions no longer meet the needs of the present and the future.

And therefore, we have reinvented bicycle parking.


Bike.box was founded in The Netherlands in 2017 and specializes in innovative and design driven solutions for bicycle parking.

 Bike.box offers a complete range from a fully automated Bike.tower and the underground Bike.tunnel to the smart Pedal.clip system. 

Park and pay with our Bike.box APP; a secure payment and subscription service that can be used as commercial franchise as well as for non-profit municipals or businesses. 

 Combining design and innovation to create future proof products that blends in modern city architecture.


*All products and innovations are protected by international Patent law. 


bike.box founder