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product dimensions 1 unit (2 bikes):

width = 115cm
dept = 185cm
height 1 = 150cm

total SQM = 2,1 m2





A different approach was taken with a focus on aesthetics, environment, installation and user friendliness.


The V2 is designed to ship flat packed, to minimize the environmental transportation footprint. We managed to reduced the shipping volume with around 65%. Inspired by that Swedish furniture company.


The boxes are fully modular, they are connectable, future expandable and upgradable and installation is a breeze with only 2 people and 2 simple tools.


The design aesthetics are important for all products, as they should contribute to the city architecture, something bicycle parking hasn’t really done so far.


The new V2 has a fresh and playful design that emphasizes the shape of the inside space. Adding a sedum rooftop on the boxes is adding a valuable more green to cities. The doors and sidepanels can be customized with selected colors.


Access is now available on several levels from key to smart locks.


User friendliness is improved by adding a back wheel slider, that helps parking the bike backwards into the box, and extra advantage is that you can use the back wheel lock outside the box and slide the bike in while the wheel is locked.


An extra safety feature is the added steel cable to lock you bike to the box.


Please mail to: to receive an offer

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bikebox V2 bikelocker - lock
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bikebox V2 bikelocker
bikebox V2 bikelocker
bikebox V2 bikelocker V2 V2 V2 V2 V2 V2
bikebox bikelocker V2 V2

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