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Semi automated parking solution with a low energy impact.

Each level parks 14 bikes to a total of 28 bikes. The tower is rotated by manually turning a large wheel next to the lift to select your box. Parking on the first floor is done by lowering the electric lift, where the bike is then parked on a docking station on which you can secure it with a chain-lock. When the lift arrives at the first floor, a gentle push will take the bike into the box and the parking is done. This solution is designed to minimise the impact of energy consumption.

By implementing the patented design of the box, where the bike is parked in backwards and a turned frontwheel, we can minimise the use of space to only 0,5m2 per bike on a total 14m2 surface.

The mini.tower is fully customisable with several aesthetic options:

corten steel

bankirai wood

vertical garden, with @mobilane live casettes,that besides looking great, can also filter CO2 in busy city centers where there is not much green.


The roof can be outfitted with solar panels, rainwater catcher, or sedem.



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